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Lakshmi Society

Registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister´s Office

Reg. No.3002 Date: 08/02/2016

Renew Date: Up to 08/02/2031

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To create employment for impoverished people at the marginal level

Our story

Great organization, great history


Lakshmi Society established

Structure of General Council: In 2012, the general council was formed with the help of 11 women whose present members 21 at present. The members of the general council are selected on the basis of two-thirds of the member’s opinions of the executive council based on the condition.



Company registration

Structure of Executive Council: The members of the General Assembly on the basis of the opinions of the organization Executive Council are composed of 7 members. Every two years the members of the General Assembly are set through voting or opinion on the basis of a member of the Executive Council.

Moved headquarters

Structure of Advisor Council: Seven (7) Members are advisory council. On the basis of the opinion of the Executive Council members are nominated as advisors. Advisory Council is for two years term.




All men and Women Standards improve the livelihood and lifestyle and build up a dynamic atmosphere in our society through the establishment of human rights. Building a caring society based on higher moral and human values where comprehensive development of all human beings is achieved through education and skill development in general and improve livelihood means of the poor in particular.

Initial public offering

Socio-economic improvement of the poor, ultra-poor and ultra-hardcore poor women of the rural /urban areas by applying their decisions and utilization of unutilized human /material resources.


Trust the professionals

To make efficient human resources by giving training to the extremely poor people


Over 9

To implement women’s empowerment in the economy, family and society.



To make aware the extremely poor people at the marginal level



To establish women’s rights everywhere